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May I have your attention? OpenIDEO Guatemala City is here!

Exciting news for all design lovers in Guatemala City! OpenIDEO Guatemala chapter is here!

If this is a new name for you, fear no more! Let me share it with you: OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform where people from all corners of the world collaboratively tackle some of the toughest global issues through launching Challenges, programs, and more! And now Guatemala is part of it!

It was approximately 7 months where I get the change to meet Juan Pablo in a networking event hosted at the UK Embassy in Guatemala City. Through drinks and nibbles we discussed how the power of Design can change our world, but mainly can unleash a movement of creative minds towards a unique goal. He told me he wanted to start the OpenIDEO Chapter in Guatemala, and he was looking for like-minded people that wanted to get onboard with this journey: changing the world one design at a time. I didn't hesitated at all in deciding to jump into this adventure, it´s the right movement in the right country.

Throughout months of scouting, selecting, forming and nurturing, we managed to make it: we had a team! I was super excited because we found the people we were looking for! Passionate creative souls that want to make an impact in the world! Our next step was to design what we wanted to accomplish with the community we were about to build.

After creative brainstormings, we all knew what we wanted: to nurture a community in Guatemala with Design at is core, that wanted to solve global issues. So once we knew we were walking in the same direction, our next step was to start planning our OpenIDEO Outpost event.

After planning our OpenIDEO Outpost event, a.k.a our OpenIDEO audition, and with the support of amazing people that believed in us, we did it! We hosted our first Design Thinking workshop!

It was a successful event! Why? We had the perfect mix: a combination of a superstar team, amazing partnerships, and a diverse group of participants that were interested in learning and sharing about Design Thinking.

And after months of working and planning the design of our own community, we made it! We decided what we wanted to accomplish for OpenIDEO Chapter Guatemala. So big hurra for us! And guess what? If you are in Guatemala, you can be part of it! (Visit OpenIDEOto find out more!). 

Our team is now working harder to start organising events and participate in OpenIDEO´s challenges to help tackle today´s global issues. So stay tuned!



And now that we are officially OpenIDEO Chapter Guatemala, I want to take some time to thank the team that believed in us! With your passion, dedication and support, we made it!

Special thanks to:

  • Our dream team! Juan Pablo, Adris, Ale, Cachi, Rocio and Majo! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Lauren Ito and Daniela Restrepo from OpenIDEO your support and guidance has been key to our success

  • Sofia Hegel, without your guidance and partnership we wouldn't be able to create the amazing event we hosted! Thanks for your support and connections that transform!

  • Our facilitators! You guys were the rockstars in our workshop that day! Your guidance to the different groups was the highlight of the participant´s experience

  • And last but not least, our participants! Thanks for joining our Outpost event and believe in the power of design as we do!! Looking forward to see you in the upcoming events!


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