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Fabriquè en Montreuil 

Fabriquè en Montreuil is a movement that visualises and nurtures the growing co-creation culture of Montreuil, Paris. The project was proposed for the European Street Design Challenge on the events of the Futur En Seine festival in Paris, France.



The team that represented Ravensbourne at the European Street Design Challenge 2016 in Paris for the Futur en Seine festival was:

Ximena Matus (Guatemala)  Mdes Service Design Innovation

Sonia Gutierrez (Mexico)  MA Interactive Digital Media

Daniella Shin (Brazil)  MA Interactive Digital Media

Stefan Pichler (Austria)  Mdes Design Management Innovation



Our first step was to get to know the area of Montreuil, and select where we wanted to work, and we decided to work in Croix de Chavaux. This area is one of the most important areas of Montreuil as it hosts the metro station, shopping mall, restaurants and its a social spot for the people.

We found that residents repeatedly pointed that they genuinely enjoyed the area because it did not commonly undergo major changes. To respect this lifestyle, it was important for us not to replicate a solution from another city, and rather build ideas that address local needs with solidarity.


Our site visits and insights showed that the Market, located on the West side of Croix de Chavaux, is a cultural centre with high interaction. While the Pedestrian Walkway, on the East side, is an area with great potential for further growth and development.

The current crossroads, which lies in between, is a busy hub of traffic and intersections, which not only intercepts a natural flow between the two areas, but also lacks pedestrian guidance - causing ongoing accidents, traffic, and confusion.


We propose facilitating safety and interconnectedness through visual sidewalk guides inspired by the local artist culture, while linking areas of high interactivity with a cohesive visual identity, such as through reflecting the existing roof structure of the Market to the Pedestrian Walkway on the opposite side.

The Market (Place Du Marchè) and the closed street (Rue Du Capitaine Dreyfus) will be visually cohesive with the same architectural design. The purpose of this is to reflect a unique image for citizens identify these places as important in the area, due to their commercial and social value.

The market activities will be co-designed with citizens, as this place already hosts a variety of activities daily, but the space and the people could enjoy it more.


We learned that residents of Montreuil have an active say in which city-funded projects achieve implementation through a voting system. Taking inspiration from this democratic approach, the community would vote on an artist to hand paint his or her submitted pattern on designated spaces in the areas of high interaction. 


The remaining walkways, which merge from and guide to these designated areas, would welcome the people of Montreuil to contribute to continuing the painting of the artist’s pattern. Thus connecting major areas while encapsulating the very essence of co-creation.

These paintings are a start to a conversation that connects people and spaces. Envisioning the future, this artist pattern can act as a flag, a symbol, a representation that appears on labels of local products, and spaces that also incorporate co-creation. It is a way to visualise where participation occurs - thinking both on a micro and a macro level - to show that the people of Montreuil actively contribute to its development. We propose that growing this mindset and respect for the streets could help sustain the city of Montreuil in a holistic way.

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