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Stronger Together is a community empowered by young people, schools and families to reduce suicide rates and cyberbullying by managing emotions.

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The project, developed for the Business and Innovation module for our master studies, was integrated by an interdisciplinary team:

Ximena Matus (Guatemala)  Mdes Service Design Innovation

Sonia Gutierrez (Mexico)  MA Interactive Digital Media

Maisie Langman (Phillipinnes)  MA Communication Design

Siyue Xu  (China)  MA Fashion Design

Ming-Yang Ma (Taiwan)  MA Fashion Design

Stronger Together is a project that promotes good practices against cyberbullying in order to reduce suicide rates in the UK. 


Our main purpose is to empower teenagers and supporters to become active participants in reducing cyberbullying, and engage the wider community in building a healthier social network environment.




Throughout the project we used tools that allowed the team to develop Stronger Together. Some of the tools we used were:

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Systems mapping and future trends

  • Empathy map

  • A day in a life, storytelling

  • Dotmocracy



Stronger Together disrupts the idea of the traditional approach to overcome cyberbullying. Customer-oriented as our innovation culture throughout our service. 


We talk like a close friend to our users and directly have comprehensive engagement with them. We want to empower teenagers in raising their voice on the matter, encourage everyone to be involved. Because maybe just a simple action you may change someone’ life. 


Stronger Together will also be part of teenagers even before cyberbully appears. We don’t want to be when it’s too late.

The community


In addition to the app, Stronger Together will offer different channels for support. Cyberbullying not only afects the victims, but the families and organisations around it. Therefore, we want to offer our support to the community by using different approaches.


We want to engage parents in the discussion of handling and preventing cyberbullying. We will rely on the support of parents of victims, as they will be able to share their story and experiences. The idea is to organise street parties or home meetings, where in a casual and safe environment they can express their feelings, stories and promote best practices.


Sometimes schools don`t have enough resources to handle a variaty of initiatives to handle issues such as cyberbullying. We will provide support by offering creative events to promote the conversation on cyberbullying, such as hobbies clubs, sports clubs, cooking classes. The purpose of these activities is to create a relax and safe environment, in an enjoyable way, to promote handling cyberbullying.




We had the opportunity to host a workshop at Harris School in Bromley, where we were able to have a conversation with the girls from the Students Commission, regarding cyberbullying, our project and develop new ideas to handle cyberbullying.

It was an opportunity for us to receive feedback on our project, what they thought was usefull and interesting, and that they could work with, and also we develop new ideas, that can be implemented within our project, but also for the school.

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